On top of the world! (Or at least on top of Kitekite Falls)

I must say, there are some impressive waterfalls around in New Zealand. And what keeps surprising me is that there are so many close to us!

On Sunday we decided to explore Kitekite Falls in Waitakere Ranges. This is actually very close to Piha as well, and as I’ve said before (and I don’t want to say it too many times! 😂) the drive there is stunning (ok so I said it).

What is really cool about this place is that you can actually go all the way to the top of the waterfalls, which offers some incredible views. There is about a 20 min walk from the car park to the bottom of the falls, and then another 15-20min (uphill, obviously 😉) to get to the top. You feel on top of the world!

The water is so clear in some places!

Sadly, the forest surrounding Kitekite falls is dying from kauri dieback disease, and you have to wash your shoes and other equipment before you enter and when you come back out. The track to Kitekite Falls will close on 1st May to prevent the disease from spreading further, I’m not sure how long for…

If you decide visit before then, be mindful and wash your shoes properly and stay on the tracks!


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