The journey is just as important as the destination (Coromandel Peninsula)

The beautiful thing about exploring a new country is that you can just wake up on a Saturday morning and go “where should we go today?”

And as I had read so many good things about Coromandel Peninsula and especially Cathedral Cove and the Hot Water Beach we decided to go and check it out!

We set the GPS for Coromandel and drove off.

The scenery on the way was absolutely breathtaking. This country is so full of beautiful nature that it’s crazy! It’s about 2,5 hours drive from Auckland.

There are lookout points along the way, and we stopped a couple of times. I also tried to take a few photos from the car which always fails! 😂

Drive to Coromandel Peninsula TravelchickNZ
Sooooo pretty! 😍

We finally got to Coromandel only to realise that… it’s a very cute little town, however Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach is actually on the other side of the peninsula…

Coromandel TravelchickNZ
Coromandel Town

So we had to jump back in the car and drive for another 1,5 hours (it says one hour and nine minutes on the screenshot below, however it was more like 1,5).Once again, the nature on this drive was amazing. Unpaved roads – yes! And they were soooo narrow, and full of sharp turns. It was crazy. It felt like being on a rollercoaster! We finally arrived at Cathedral Cove, and there is a Visitor parking where you have to park. There are plenty of signs saying that there is no parking available closer to the cove, so… you have to walk. There is a shuttle bus going for $5 for an adult, but we thought that it can’t be that far?! It is however a decent 20 minute walk from the car park, and mainly uphill. Then you get to the end of the paved road, and you get on to a smaller trail that leads you down to the beaches and caves.

Cathedral Cove TravelchickNZ
View from the trail

There is a lot of uphill and then downhill, and up and down again. Quite challenging if you’re not used to it (and if you just want to GET THERE! Like we did). On a sign in the beginning of the trail it says that Cathedral Cove is 45 min on foot, however we walked it in 25 min, but we walk fairly quickly. There are options to take a water taxi, boat cruises or hire kayaks to get there as well, and we will check out those options next time we go there.

Anyway. After walking along the trail you all of a sudden reach the beach and… It is paradise. You come down to a small, secluded beach that is just gorgeous. There were quite a few tourists there, however it was on a Saturday so maybe that’s why. We’re going back in a couple of weeks with a friend of ours who is visiting, so we’ll see if there are less people then. Anyway – the cove is on your left, and as you walk through, another piece of paradise appears before you. It is so incredibly picturesque. The water is blue and green, the sky is blue, the sand is soft, the rocks are white (ish!)… How many photos can one person take in a day? 😂

The waves were quite high however and the water quite wild, so be careful if you go swimming!

The walk back was less challenging than the walk there, because it was less uphill. It took us 50 min from the beach to get back to the car (and I can feel it in my legs today! 😀)

As we got a bit delayed we didn’t get a chance to visit Hot Water Beach, however we will go there next time in a couple of weeks so stay tuned for that blog post. ☺️

As we drove back we got to watch the most beautiful sunset as well. What an amazing day! I can’t wait to go back! ❤️


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