Day Tripping (things to do around Auckland)

If you want to get out of the city and see some beautiful scenery you should head to Hunua Falls. It’s about an hour from the city, and if you take the smaller roads north of Hunua you are in for some gorgeous landscapes on the way there!

The nature here amazes me, and I can’t wait to explore more. ☺️

When you arrive at Hunua falls there a very short walk to the actual waterfall, and it is super accessible. There are signs warning about dangers of swimming (and swimming is not recommended), however there were still plenty of people in the water. Bring a picnic and sit down and have a bite to eat while listening to the thunder of the waterfall!

There is also a hike that you can do, starting from the car park as well, so we will definitely go back and do that when we have more time!

Things to note: we did not have reception at the waterfall, but about a 5-10min drive away the reception come back again. We’re with Vodafone so I don’t know how other operators work at the fall.

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